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Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese braiding technique.  It is done on a loom and was traditionally done with cords.  The beading community has added beads to the cords and created some great jewelry pieces.  I started experimenting with Kumihimo in 2008 and the possibilities are endless. Kumihimo reminds me of the look of bead crochet, but the chains have a very fluid feel.
"Two Frogs"
This is my first Kumihimo necklace woven in size 8 seed beads.  It is finshed with sterling silver cones and a handmade sterling clasp.  The pendant is a carved bone shoe with two frogs nestled inside which is wire wrapped with coils of sterling silver.
"Aqua set"
Kumihimo necklace woven in Toho triangle beads and glass lentil beads.  The sterling silver clasp is designed to be the focal piece and is worn on the side.  The bracelet and earrings are woven in Kumihimo to complete the set.
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